Our position in Careers Guidance


Career Goal aim to provide a coherent long-term approach to career education and guidance by helping providers develop a clear ethos for careers progression? 


Career Goal agree with the governments recommendations and stipulation that all pupils/learners in year 8 – year 13 are provided with independent career guidance.  Independent and impartial career guidance that places allows individual learners to focus on their individual career pathway should be used as a tool to engage learners in their future and motivate them to succeed in their current educational stage. 


However, Career Goal take a more long-term position on career advice and guidance than then minimum statutory obligation.  Modern careers guidance is as much about inspiration and aspiration as it is about advice.  We, therefore, firmly believe that inspiration should be provided, at an appropriate level, in an earlier stage and therefore promote the implementation in primary schools.  In addition to this, the focus on aspirations and career decision making should not be ceased at year 13.  The HE sector provide a varied but generally useful service that supports learners in the transition to employment.  It should not be assumed that all learners at this stage have a clear career goal and would benefit from independent and sector specific career guidance. 


A breakdown of the relevant key statutory duties on careers guidance for schools can be summarised here ADD LINK/PAGE.  (include the section highlighted in yellow) Will later add links to the relevant documents.


A challenge for schools


In primary schools …


Many secondary schools are tasked with safeguarding their own post-16 provision by ensuring that there are adequate numbers of learners to provide the best resources for the individual that they cater for.  This can therefore create a challenge for schools to balance the statutory obligation to provide independent advice and guidance on post-16 provision with their own necessity to fill their own sixth form places. LINK SENTENCE.


The Ofsted inspection framework for September 2014 outlines areas where schools will be judged upon their career and guidance provision.   ADD LINK TO CRITERIA. (add the section highlighted in red.


In addition to this, through the ‘Inspiration Vision Statement’ (September 2013), the government highlighted the responsibility of schools and colleges to secure independent and impartial careers guidance for their students and stated:


‘We will produce Destination Measures to show what happens to young people after they leave education and ask schools to publish on their websites what they do to help their pupils go on into education, training or work. We will learn from what works by trying different interventions in different places.

Schools will also be held to account through Ofsted for the support they deliver. As Sir Michael Wilshaw has set out, from September Ofsted will give greater priority to the inspection of careers advice.’


Our solution is to work with schools to provide support that is independent of the school and (importantly) the bias and fear of external competitive education and training providers.  This is through providing impartial guidance with the best interests of the learners whilst respecting the interests and ethos of the school.  The delivery is through a range of inspirational and motivational activities that places the learner at the centre.  These activities form part of a long term strategy to develop; understanding of career development, the skills, qualification and experiences that are required to be successful.


In April 2014 the Government published the statutory guidance for careers guidance and inspiration in schools, which highlighted:


‘Schools should have a strategy for the advice and guidance they provide to young people. The strategy should be embedded within a clear framework linked to outcomes for pupils rather than an ad-hoc set of activities. This should reflect the school’s ethos and meet the needs of all pupils.’

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