When your sports career is coming to an end it can be difficult to adjust and find something that brings the same buzz and excitement - that is where we can help!

We support you to re-focus your attention to FIND, ACCESS and SUCCEED in your career after sport.


Our Sporting Futures Programme is designed to challenge your career ambitions and support you to achieve long-term career success.

We work to develop your career skills and mentor you to step outside of your comfort zone.

What are Career Skills?

To get to the top of your chosen career you will need more than a CV and qualifications! You're going to need the tools to find/create opportunities, networking skills and tactics to promote and market yourself.

Our unique approach to develop Career Skills have helped 100s of people access their chosen careers and go on to achieve their ambitions.


Our Sporting Futures Programme is designed for people who want to succeed within a career after competing in sport. Whether you are still competing or retired recently we can support you.


Through our specially designed Career Mentoring Programme you will discover different ways to progress and access opportunities that meet your aspirations.

Our Career Mentoring Programme covers every industry and works with your ambitions guiding our work and support we provide. This service is designed to ensure you have all the skills to achieve your ambitions beyond your sports career.


Although all our programmes are personlised to each individuals requirements and 

ambitions - we design your programme around the following plan:

Week 1 focus - Inspiration

What jobs/careers are you interested in and which are best suited to you?

Week 2 focus - Education

What do you need to achieve your ambitions?

Week 3 focus - Evaluation

What are you doing and what could you improve?

Week 4 focus - Motivation

Agreed personlised tasks and targets moving forward


Month 2 onwards

Full support when you need it - we are available via email and phone 24 hours a day. We will check your progress and ensure you have all the tools you need to achieve your ambitions. Regular sessions are also arranged during this time.

We always remain in contact with our clients and ensure that (if required) we can help you in the future beyond the programme finish date (at no extra cost).


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