We are a career education and inspiration organisation with a growing reputation in the UK for delivering engaging, motivating workshops and programmes. Our staff are qualified and experienced teachers working with a range of ages and backgrounds.


We were born from a desire to support students to achieve and progress towards their dreams and aspirations. With the failing of career advice in schools to provide an inspiring or motivating service, we are challenging students and engaging them to discover what is available to them.


We have worked in a number of schools (from primary to university age) and also work with adults who feel lost or what more from their career. Our service is 100% impartial.

About Career Goal

Our staff


We are here to challenge students knwledge of what is out there and what they can do. Unfortunatley in our experience students are pushed through education and expected to achieve without a clear knowledge or awareness for what they can do for a career or employment. 


We empower young people to gain the skills they need to know and achiebe their career aspirations.

Our philosophy


Young people deserve to be supported to know what they want and most importantly how they can achieve it. As young people have so many important decisions to make throughout their education that will impact on their progression and career choices, we are challenging students to consider their aspirations and start to plan how they can achieve 'success'.

Our sessions


All of our sessions are student centred and interactive - being teachers we know standing at the front of a group of young people and insisting they listen does not work!


We have develop innovative ways to encourage young people to consider the options available to them and to engage in their opportunities.



We give young people the tools they need for their

long-term success

Our Clients


We work with a range of education providers, from Primary age to University. We also work with Virtual schools and organisations to engage specific demographic. 


Our previous clients include,


Professional football clubs (inc. Sheffield United FC, Chelsea Ladies FC...)

Primary Schools (inc. Hillingdon Primary School, Purley Oaks Primary School...

Organisations (inc. The FA Football Futures, Premier League...)

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